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What is the technology of 3D laser scanning?

This method allows you to create a digital model of the entire surrounding area, providing it with a set of points with spatial coordinates.


The future of 3D laser scanning technology!

Today laser scanning technology is used very widely throughout the world. This is not surprising that this technology has been applied in almost all areas:


Highly detailed models of complex spatial objects are created remotely and without contact, without the need to temporarily stop their work.


Creating three-dimensional models of designed and reconstructed facilities, urban landscape, relief, interior; perform measurements inside and outside of buildings. Monitoring and certification.


The resulting of 3D scan «point clouds», orthophotos, and anchored in space images in laboratory conditions allow making the highly-accurate topographic plans and improving the quality of existing cartographic materials through their renovation.


3D scanning technology allows you to carry out the horizontal and vertical shooting area simultaneously. As a result of 3D scanning the «point cloud» is formed.


Documentation the position of an object before performing the restoration work; Further monitoring of the state of the object. Creation of electronic catalogs, computer tours, virtual restorations. Fixing artifacts during the execution of archaeological excavations.

Variations applications of laser scanning technology are limited only by your imagination!

How it’s done?

The scanner measures the distance and two angles that enables us to calculate the coordinates. The beam emanates from a laser source located in the measuring head of the scanner, reflected by the object surface and returned to the receiver (also located in the measurement head). The user sets the scanning step, and the rotating prism distributes laser beam vertically and the servo unit rotating measuring head, distributes the beam horizontally with this step. The measurement data is automatically recorded in the internal or external storage medium.

When the measurements are made, the processing starts. Initially, raw observations are «cloud» of points that need to be present in the form of drawings, diagrams to CAD format.

3D model based on the results of laser scanning

Advantages of using laser scanning technology

 — Advantages of using laser scanning technology
 — High-speed fieldwork
 — High accuracy and detailed results obtained
 — survey of remote and dangerous places
 — Survey without stopping the production process
 — The ability to perform the scan at any time
 — Minimal impact of the human factor
 — Versatility data to AutoCAD, Microstation, 3DMax

The result of using this technology:

• Create 3D models of objects
• Creation of the longitudinal and transverse profiles of the road
• Longitudinal and transverse slopes of the carriageway
• The digital terrain model and digital model of the pavement
• Create road passports
• Evaluation of the visibility zone
• Creating journal of traffic signs, guardrails, information and advertising boards, etc. the application of photographic materials
• Create 3D models of complex buildings, engineering structures, technological equipment, mining with a high level of detail and accuracy.
• Creation of 3D terrain models
• Topographic
• Monitoring the status of an object
• Surveying software design and installation of designs
• Control strain
• Industrial measurement (calculation of the volume of reservoirs, technological capacities, ground robot, mining, embankments)
• Architectural inventory of buildings and industrial facilities

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