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December 11 System Solutions Company held a demonstration of mobile scanning system Leica Pegasus Two representatives of the Department for Urban Planning and Architecture at the KSCA. In particular, it has been demonstrated capabilities of the system to create highly accurate digital 3D-models of urban environments that are used for further design of urban road network, the analysis of the existing roads and building facades, as well as monitoring of objects of outdoor advertising. The event attracted great attention of specialists of urban planning sector, city officials and the press. System Leica Pegasus Two includes 8 panoramic photo / video cameras, laser scanner, inertial and GNSS-system that allows you to shoot the road network, the facades of buildings and surrounding areas at a speed of 40 – 60 km / h and achieve overall accuracy of determining the coordinates of the points of the order of 0.015 m. The resulting point cloud, combined with the results of the shooting cameras allow to build high-precision photo-realistic 3D-models and to use them for a variety of engineering and management tasks. For the day of the scanning system can remove up to 300 km running street network, which significantly exceeds the performance of any other ground-based methods. More information about the scanning system Leica Pegasus Two can be found on the website of the Swiss Leica Geosystems’

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