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About our company

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«ALCOR SECURITIES SA» combines experience, technology, and responsiveness to meet our clients. We use a traditional survey method, as well as cutting-edge technologies including 3D Laser Scanning and BIM support. The Alcor efforts are overseen by Professional Land Surveyors who bring experience and a solid knowledge of traditional methods to new types of innovative technology.
Alcor is positioned to meet every survey challenge.

Services include:

  • Design-level topographic surveys

  • Deformation/monitoring surveys

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • 3D laser scanning and modeling

  • BIM /modeling support

We carry out laser scanning and modeling, provide training and provide services in the field of 3D scanning and related technologies. Our success is based on four components: professionalism, great practical experience, reliability and speed of execution. We do not sell sophisticated scanning systems and software, we make them work for you. We help you to realize the most incredible projects. We are making the complex things simple. We think in three dimensions. We live in a three-dimensional world.
 We are always committed to offering high performance, quality, reliability and accuracy of all of our services. Our goal is to ensure that our customers always receive high-quality data in the shortest possible time. We provide all kinds of work on the scan and all of our customers are always satisfied with the result. Our company has assembled a staff of experts in technology scanning systems that are always happy to help you.