Rent laser scanners

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We give people the opportunity to enjoy our high-quality equipment. We are aware that the acquisition of the ownership of the equipment is not always possible, as a rule, it is very expensive, so we are doing emphasis on renting laser equipment and accessories.
If you need a laser scanner, but there is no money to buy it yet, our company will be happy to help you! We offer our customers only serviceable scanners in excellent working condition. The site presents a selection of laser equipment models from Leica Geosystems. All our devices are certified products. The highest level of service and reliable guarantees. 

If you are interested in renting a laser scanner, but are at a loss with the choice of a specific device, our consultants will always be happy to help you. They will explain the advantages of a particular model and advise the most suitable option. In your hands you will get not just a device, but a basic kit, which includes a laser scanner, a mini-computer (with software), as well as a battery and / or charger. If necessary, you will be equipped with all the necessary accessories.
After returning to rental, as well as before renting out, each laser scanner is checked in the most thorough way. The presence of the slightest malfunction is eliminated in the shortest possible time. This allows us to maintain the state of the equipment fleet at the highest level.
Since not everyone can afford to buy a laser scanner, the price of which is quite high and, moreover, not everyone uses it all the time, quite often such equipment may be needed only a few times. Therefore, the rental of this laser device remains one of the most popular services in our company. The cost of renting scanning systems is quite affordable for the vast majority of our customers. You can also take a scanner in a short-term or long-term loan, if you wish, extending the lease term.

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